Designated Beaches

Protected Bathing Beaches:beachbikiniCLR.gif (16137 bytes)

29th St., 32nd St., 34th St., 38th St., 40th St'., 43rd St.,

45th St., 49th St., 54th St.v 59th St., 61st St., 65th St.,

71st St., 75th St., 77th St., 81st St., 85th St., 90th St.

Kayaking Beaches:

51st St., 56th St., 68th St., 79th St., 87th St.

Rafting Beaches:

29th St., 40th St., 49th St., 59th St., 65th St., 75th St. 85th St.

Sailboat Launching Beaches:

between 20th St. and 22nd St.

Surfing Beaches:

33rd St., 42nd St., 48th St., 52nd St., 63rd St., 74th St.

Surf Fishing Beaches:

Townsends Inlet Bridge area situated -south of 93rd St.,

Sea Isle City beaches situated north of 20th St. and

any beach area adjacent to rock jetties not designated as a surfing or kayaking beach.

Volleyball Beaches:

(only two nets per*beach - nets not provided)

30th St., 53rd St., 57th St.y 67th St.,'72nd St., 88th St.